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Monday, January 24, 2011

Today's homeschooling brought to you by the letter D...

as in Disney.  The public schools in our county had a day off today, and our friends had Disney passes expiring this week, so we took our "school" to Disney to learn about the Animal Kingdom ;-).  ( Okay, I might be stretching a bit.)

We began our day getting fast passes for Everest.  Then we headed to Dinoland to ride Dinosaur...or at least everyone but Sari and I rode Dinosaur.  She has decided she doesn't like that ride, and she wanted to meet Pluto and Goofy instead.  So we went to wait in line. 

We waited.
See how happy she is waiting?

And waited. And when it was our turn...TOTAL freak out.  She was NOT going up there without me.  Lovely. 
Here are some pictures of BOTH of us with Goofy and Pluto.


Then a quick ride on the flying triceratops ride and off to Everest where we met Presley and her family.  There my shy Sari turned into thrill seeking Sari who couldn't get enough.  Here are all the other crazy thrill seekers. 
They all rode twice and then Presley went off to lunch and we went off to the Jungle Trek.  We saw some animals and some hidden Mickeys:
That's a tiger in the background

Can you spot the hidden Mickey?

Scott lends a hand pointing this one out.

Let me just say S is a WAY better mother than I she is picking up Sari to see the animals.
Okay, more's past bed time and I'm beat!
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Heidi said...

Looks like an awesome day, Amy! I wish I could pick up and go to Disney for school anytime. I'm pretty sure about 1/2 of our 180 days would be done there! At least! lol