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Saturday, January 22, 2011

What week-ends have been reduced to in my house

 Don't ya' love it.  I could NOT have taken that picture if I tried, but here it is-just a fluke of being camera happy!  And she thought she was unhappy BEFORE the dart hit her ;-).
The hubs and the boys have decided Nerf wars are the family activity of choice.  I'm trying to be a good sport about it, but I'm SOOOOO tired of picking up stray bullets, and tired of impromptu battles breaking out all over the house.  Even the girls get involved.  It's almost funny to watch the 5 year old "packin' heat", especially when the guns are almost as big as she is.  Oh, she has a few little guns herself, but she prefers the big guns.
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bfarmmom said...

Nerf guns must have been the gift of choice this year. I find darts everywhere. Good clean fun though!

Cindy said...

I feel your pain!!!! (or not, snice they're Nerf!! lol) Our house can erupt into a battle zone at any given moment! Santa also brought some camo darts so we have those around as well as the orange ones!

Melissa said...

Love, love that pic of the bullet about to hit Mimi.