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Friday, January 7, 2011

And now...some boring snapshots from life

World Market makes THE BEST dark chocolate bars.  Of those, the Triple Berry is supreme, and the Pomegranate is a close second.

Williams Sonoma makes the best peppermint bark.  It is like $20 a box, but it is soooo good it could be the 5th food group.  The fact that my in-laws always buy some at Christmas and that I usually end up with some covers a multitude of sins over the rest of the year, if you know what I mean.  This year, I got a whole box.  And it's not even open yet.  I'm currently taking bribes on sharing it with me.

If you are sensing a chocolate theme, you are on to me ;-).

We went to go see Tangled today.  It is THE BEST movie.  I mean, for an animated kids movie that is.  I loved it.  We went because we had 3 free passes (two from a Kelloggs cereal/Disney promotion and one from Mimi's DSi Tangled game), but then it turned out they would only take 2 (which was a bummer), but since I had dragged 4 kids off to the mall to see it and since my 13 year old had not uttered the slightest peep of resistance, I decided to go with it even with just 2 free passes.  On that note though, I am seriously disappointed in AMC's lack of customer service.  They could have taken the voucher that I had and tried to submit it.  The worst thing that would have happened would be that the voucher company did not reimburse them and..oh, on...a child saw the movie for free...but the client (me) would have been very happy.  On the other hand, since they did NOT take the voucher (which came free with Mimi's DSi Tangled game), I was very frustrated, nearly left without seeing the movie, will probably NOT go back there to see another movie since there are other options available to me, and I'm currently blogging my disappointment for the whole world to that really worth $5.75 to them when they probably would have gotten their money anyway?

I took chocolate with me to the movie ;-).  See, there really is a chocolate theme.  Chocolate chips are really the perfect snack.  They are bite sized, and they travel well, and they satisfy that "I'm watching a movie so I should be stuffing my face" craving.

Just in case you are wondering, my number one Christmas wish, the keyboard with an "s" key?  Yah, that didn't happen.  So I still have to hobble along making a bazillion typos trying to get the "s" to work when there is no key there.  Hint, hint, nudge, nudge honey ;-).

I wanted to start back to school on Wednesday with the kids.  But then I just didn't have my act together.  Why is it I can do everything BUT what I need to get done?  Like, say, planning for school?  So I decided we'd start back this coming Monday.  But then there were a few things I wanted to get done, and you know what?  We actually did quite a bit for NOT being in school.  Scott has some products we are reviewing that he had to work with.  They don't take too long, but he enjoys them, so he actually did it without arguing.  The other kids have a program they are meant to be using too, but their are a little less enthusiastic.  We'll see how it goes.  The middle two and I worked on finishing a fictional book that we are reading aloud about Egypt.  We still have 2 1/2 chapters, but we made really good progress.  Today they did art to go with their Egypt studies while I read.  We also took care of 3 months of paperwork filing for the older 3.  Whew!  that was a job!  And, I even taught Scott a bit of cooking.  Next week?  Back to business with a somewhat tweaked plan.  I'll share more as I figure it out ;-).  I'm sure chocolate will help.
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April said...

Sounds like you accomplished quite a bit for not getting school done this week! I love home education. There is SO MUCH to "education"!
Chocolate helps most things. Definitely.
Happy weekend!

Melissa said...

Chocolate really is the perfect food!

Julie said...

I think the person who fed two of your kids dinner last night certainly should be in the running for some of that peppermint bark!!

Tiffany said...

Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate World Market bar is the bomb! Love it! I just finished my triple berry one and I have a pomegranate waiting for me. I stocked up when I was there on Monday and I've hidden my stash. My fellow chocolate lover, Grace, doesn't even know I have it.
We got going with school this week and it felt great. When school is my main focus I remember how much I love to homeschool.

Randi Sue said...

Sounds like school at my house, too.