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Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Creative girl

Okay, here's a confession.  Mimi makes me CRAZY sometimes!  She is endlessly creative and amazingly persistent.  Today, she spent the morning mastering how to play by ear "What Child is This" on the piano.  That meant endless joy for her, and an endless desire to beat my head against a wall for me.  Just keepin' it real.  I HATE noise and I HATE repetitive noise most of all.  The thing is, she's totally like me.  I can't imagine how I didn't drive my mother INSANE!  Why is it we tend to dislike most the behaviors our children exhibit that are most like our own?  Anyway, I digress.
Mimi and Ty and Sari were all sick a few weeks ago, and that meant Mimi missed our God-daughter's tea party.  She was very sad to not be able to go, but then later that day the our God-daughter's mother (who happens to also be Mimi's God mother) showed up on our door step with a Gingerbread house, a packet of royal icing, and a baggie of candy for Mimi to be able to decorate her own since she missed out.  Well it took her a little while to her to feel well enough, and for our life to calm down enough, but here is the finished product:

Sadly by the time I took these pictures, Scott had already started picking off tiny pieces of candy so the snowman is missing a button and several little gumdrops were no longer at their posts ;-). 
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April said...

I have a "Mimi" too--she is endlessly noisy, messy, creative, talking, and MOVING. It gets challenging, as I LOVE quiet and THINKING. I can TOTALLY relate to the piano-by-ear phenomenon!
Love the gingerbread house. We just bought a kit on 75% off to do in reds and pinks for Valentine's Day.
Thanks for keepin' it real!

Cindy said...

Great job on the house!