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Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Random Update

I have several posts I HAVE to do, but I'm too brain-dead for those.  So I thought I'd just do a dump of random things instead ;-P.

The Hubs and Scott are in FL right now, so I've been trying to be productive while they are gone.  So far I've:

1) made 2 batches of strawberry jam and 1 batch of strawberry-pineapple
2) coerced the kids into catching up on their chore and the house is looking much better
3) to Lowes with Sari today and planted a hanging basket to surprise daddy when he gets back.  We also bought some new plants for the garden (two heirloom tomatoes and a mint herb plant) and some $1 clearance flowers for Sari to tend.
4) gotten organic fertilizer and fertilized the garden.  We are trying a variation on Back to Eden gardening (in raised boxes and containers), but because the mulch isn't fully decomposed the plants aren't getting enough nutrients, so I needed to augment it a bit.
5) taken my girl on a Starbucks date on the way to Lowes
6)  taken the middles to a teen meet up and spent time with Sari with her friends.
7)  met another neighbor and gotten Sari and her daughter officially introduced and even had a play date the next night.
8)  planted my mother's day present (a beautiful rose bush) in the container they bought for it.
8)  fallen spectacularly carrying said mother's day present to the backyard.  We have a 5" wide drainage pipe that is open at the top and sits just below ground level right next to the driveway.  With the potted rose in my hands, I couldn't see the ground in front of me and managed to step into the pipe as I was walking.  I hit the ground HARD on both knees and hyperextended at least one big toe...we'll see what else hurts in the morning.
9)  further injured myself playing soccer with TJ tonight at the park.  I lifted my leg to try to stop a ball he had punted toward me, and ended up pulling my gluteus maximus (yes, go on and laugh).  I think was an injury made more possible by the fall this morning.  Then, after that, I blocked a shot he took at the goal with the same leg, and managed to pull it even further.  I mean serious, WOW that hurts, pain.  So the bottom line is in hashtags it would be something like #wowiamgettingold, #pulledbuttmuscleshurt, #soccermomsshouldsticktothesidelines, #theolderyougetthemorehavingfunHURTS.
10) spent quality time with Mimi at 2 AM this morning watching fireflies in a vain search for the non-existent meteor shower (resulting in the need for a coffee date with Sari this morning, because our house phone rang at 8 AM so I was UP in spite of minimal sleep last night).
11) gotten the middles signed up for summer camp and gotten the registration in the mail.  YAY!

Still on the agenda, assuming I can move at all in the morning:
1) sew a pillow for the hammock and do all the sewing projects that require the sewing machine while I have it out.
2) make soap
3) make more bread
4) finish the puzzle with Sari that we bought at the thrift store
5) go to some baseball games on Monday

So that's it...a really random update.  I'd love to include pictures, but my iPhone is not syncing with the "Cloud" on my computer, and all the pictures are on my phone.  If I plug in my phone to the computer, it will insist on syncing the WHOLE phone, and I don't have an hour to wait on that to happen, so no pictures right now.  Why is it the technology that is supposed to make my life easier makes it harder instead?
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Tiffany said...

Love the random update. One of these days soon we need a catch up phone call. Life is slowing down here...but that is relative! Let's talk before I leave town on June 10 though.
I'm impressed that you played soccer with TJ even if you pulled your butt muscle. And, yes, I got a chuckle out of that. :0) takes a while but if you just want a few pictures from your phone to your computer you can e-mail them to yourself. I do that a lot.

Sonya Caskey said...

Sorry to hear that you are getting old. That seems to be happening to most people I know. Yeah for the camp registration! Someone I know will be thrilled!

Looking forward to seeing ya'!

Julie said...

Ow reading about that fall hurt me!

Kirsten said...

I know I'm late in commenting! You have been busy!! I would love to hear how you make soap!!!!! Do a blog post, PLEASE!! It sounds like you are settling in nicely in your new hometown. It takes a little bit of time. WE are finally at the point where we wouldn't move back. I sure do miss everyone down there though.