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Monday, May 12, 2014

Moms' Night Out Movie Review

So a few months ago, I had the chance to preview two movies back to back.  It was February, and it was cold and dreary here-so cold and dreary that this preview was actually postponed due to icy roadways.  It wasn't much warmer when the second preview date came, and its Mother's Day release date seemed a hundred years in the future.


That was this past week-end.

Oops!  They asked us not to blog about the movie until its release...but I meant to do this the day of the release, not a few days later.  Sigh.  It happens to all of us moms.  That's why we need a Moms' Night Out. 

Being that Mom's Night Out is, well, aimed at MOMS, I took my friend with me.  We both needed some laughs, and Moms' Night Out did not disappoint.  

By now, you've probably heard the hype, especially if you are in the homeschool community (it was directed by two homeschool graduates).  Moms' Night Out is about a blogging mom who plans a mom's night out with some friends and her pastor's wife, leaving the men to watch the kiddos.

The night goes horribly wrong for both genders, providing many laughs, and maybe just a few "that has TOTALLY happened to me" moments, for the audience.

My favorite part of the whole movie though is Trace Adkins.  Let me say now that I live under a rock, and we don't have TV or cable (just Netflix) or the newspaper, and we only listen to Christian really, I have NO idea who a lot of today's stars are.  I had no idea who Trace Adkins was (go on, you can laugh).  But he plays his role remarkably well in this movie, and has the BEST scene in the whole film talking with Allyson in the police station.  I would watch the whole movie again just to see him in it- and I've never listened to a song of his in my life (that I am aware of).  He was awesome, and his role is perfectly written for him.

But the movie boasts many other big names too-like Patricia Heaton and Sean Astin and Sarah Drew.  It is proof yet again that a movie can have a positive message and a PG rating and still attract "real" actors and be well written and entertaining as well.

If you haven't had the chance to see Moms' Night Out, I encourage you to grab some girlfriends and make a night of it!

Special thanks to AFFIRM Films and Provident Films for providing me with the chance to view Moms' Night Out a little early :-).

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