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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Three Things Thursday-5/8/14

This week over at Heidi's Head, she shared three randomly goofy things about herself.  You should click on the button above and check them out :-).  I've been racking my brain trying to come up with some goofy things about me, but failing miserably.  So I guess that's where I'll start my 3 things...

1)  I'm not very goofy.  I have a child who is.  He is the epitome of physical comedy.  He's like Kramer.  I am not.  Ironically, this blog has been nominated for a funniest blog award, but that must have been someone who was reading my older posts.  Somewhere in the past few years, my witty repartee went missing.  If you find it, please send it back ;-).

2)  I thought I'd blog a lot more because we have moved.  I figured I'd use it as a way to "keep in touch".  But my life is pretty boring (in a good way).  We do school, I cook, we clean, we go to the park, or take a walk, or work in the garden, or go to soccer, and then we rinse and repeat.  I like this phase of settled-ness after the frenetic pace of our life before we moved, but it doesn't make for a lot of writing fodder.

3)   I LOVE our new "home"-as in the place, not the physical dwelling (which is fine, but a rental home, and not hopefully our permanent residence).  Everyday, I am thankful we are here.  I love sitting right now next to an open window with the breeze coming in, even if it was 90 yesterday, because it's 74 and gorgeous now.   I love the bulbs that flower here that didn't in FL.  Tulips and Irises are my favorites.  Here let me share a picture.  It's just beautiful here.

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Tiffany said...

Hey! I love when you blog because I miss you and like hearing about your life even if it is boring. I think you can definitely be goofy but it's usually when you are with someone like me who is goofy and you have someone to be goofy with. We've definitely had some goofy moments.

Heidi Strawser said...

Your life is far from boring! I love reading your lists each week!

Julie said...