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Friday, August 8, 2008

Can I confess something to you?

I have no use for sports, but I am an Olympic junkie. Yep...the rest of the new church building is going to have to remain in need of OCD paint touch-up because the Olympics have started.
Is there anything NOT to love about the Olympics (if there is I don't want to know about it)? All the nations coming together in the spirit of athletic competition. Putting aside their differences for a few days in favor of supporting our athletes. I love the stories...the sappier the better. I LOVE that our flag bearer is a Sundanese refuge from Darfur. How amazing!
I love the ethnic costumes. I wish our country had a national heritage that involved quaint attire. I really LOVE the feel of national identity those costumes give. It's way more meaningful than a suit.
I love watching the athletes during the opening ceremonies. So many of them will never stand on the medal stand, but this night with the parade of athletes, they are all equal, and they all get their moment to shine. If you've ever watched Cool Runnings, you have a glimpse of what some of these athletes have gone through to get there. If you haven't watched it, go rent it now!
I love that the Olympics tends to bring out the best in the host country. Sure, they are usually still riddled with problems, but China has actually spent bazillions of dollars cleaning up their air quality in Beijing. Why? Because of the Olympics. Tell me their citizens don't benefit from that, and it wouldn't have gotten done if the games weren't happening there.
I could blather all night, but I just wanted to say I LOVE the Olympics, and if you are trying to reach me, I'll be a little busy for the next week or so, LOL.
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Tree Climbing Mom said...

Hear! Hear! We have Olympic fever here, to. I really want one of those pretty green dresses the ladies were wearing last night.

Steph said...

We love the Olympics too! Thanks for this post... I was a little down on the host location...not exactly representative of what the Olympics stand for in my view BUT you make a good point. One can ALWAYS find the good in something if one looks for it! Bravo!