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Friday, August 15, 2008

The Old Schoolhouse goes digital!

Anyone who knows me knows that keeping house is not one of my God given talents! But lately I have really been trying to reduce the clutter in my house. The problem? I LOVE to read, and that is reflected in the large amount of magazines we get every month. I'm also, well, a BIT of a hoarder. I tend to hold on to things thinking that someday I'll use them again. This has been especially true of one magazine in particular. The Old Schoolhouse magazine. It's probably the best and most comprehensive homeschooling magazine out there. And each issue is chock full of really great information...things about homeschooling your special needs child, science experiments, art projects, unit study ideas, curriculum name it, it's in there. And presented in a Christian perspective, which means it's full of loving encouragement too. So I hold on to each issue, just certain that I will use it again.
I'm totally lacking any organization system for going back and referencing those amazing and wonderful articles...
And having all those magazines that I eventually just throw out seems so not environmentally friendly.
Which bring me to the whole purpose of this post. The Old Schoolhouse had gone digital! Yep, you can get the whole magazine delivered via e-mail. You can view it online and/or download it to your computer.
But wait, it gets better!
Probably my favorite feature is that you can share any article via e-mail with up to 5 people. It never fails that I read the magazine and think, "Oh, Lisa just has to read this" or "WOW! This is great information about _____ (fill in the blank), I should share it with Susie." but then I never quite get that far because I'm not willing to part with the actual magazine, and most days I'm doing good to have gotten my kids up, fed, "schooled", and off to their various activities, never mind making photocopies of articles for people.
But now? Now I can just e-mail them.
I can e-mail them to myself and create topical files in my e-mail program to keep them in so that I can have them at my fingertips any time I want! Environmentally friendly and user friendly at the same's the best of both worlds! The digital magazine also offers archive access to past issues you have subscribed to in case you need to get back to them.

I'm sure some of you are like me, and enjoy the "tangible" flipping of pages, but the people at the Old Schoolhouse have thought of everything. You can "flip" through the pages, just like you would in a hard copy. Or, you can view the table of contents and skip to a particular heading. OR, and I think this is the best part, you can view thumbnails of all the pages and just click on the one you want to go to. For visual people like me, that's a dream come true! And all the pages are there, advertisements too. Usually, I'm an advertiser's worst nightmare because I just skip over them and never even notice they are there. But homeschool ads? I love 'em. All those cool products, all those great books, all those must have unit studies/science labs/time lines? I LIVE for those ads. And a great plus to the virtual magazine is that you get active links in the ads, so if you are interested in learning more about a product, you can just click on the ad and be whisked to the appropriate website. Very cool!

As if it couldn't get better, the digital subscription is not only greener than the paper version, but it's cheaper too. It's only $16,95 a year, and you can find it here. The paper version of the magazine starts at $25 and can be found here. For you international folks, the digital price is the same no matter where you live. Oh, and did I mention that both come with FREE gifts? Yep! 19 free downloadable gifts/e-books with each digital subscription AND if you subscribe before August 21st, you get a free Around the World E-book (valued at $16.95) to enhance your Olympic experience. This was especially GREAT for my family as we continue with our My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures curriculum!

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe now!
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Tiffany said...

I'll take some of your old issues if you are ever getting rid of them. I'll have to look into ordering the digital version.