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Monday, August 18, 2008

really random update

first, my shift key isn't working, so excuse the lack of capitalization and proper can't get to the exclamation point or the parentheses without a shift key.

second, we had our first sunday service in our new building on sunday. it was amazing. if you want to see pictures, go here.

also this weekend, mimi spent friday evening through sunday with RM at her new home about 1 1/2 hours away. she had a blast. they are great little friends.

RM has a dog about 1 year old that is of the same breeds that Riley is, so we got a glimpse into how gargantuan he may become, although we really hope not.

last week, we had not-so-fun appts. on monday, mimi, sari, and I all got fillings. on wednesday, scott had to get impressions made, and on thursday, tj got a filling. poor tj. his upper lips curl upward to constantly show his two front teeth.

well, under the influence of Novocaine, that natural state was relaxed on one side of his mouth. he looked like he had bell's palsy. i don't have a picture because he was hypersensitive about it, but for you 80's folks, just picture my little angel with a david bowie snarl. it was pretty funny.
here's his normal smile...see how much of his teeth and gums you picture one side like that and the other flat as a pancake.

on friday, i got a call reminding me of a dermatologist appt. i had made a year ago. for monday. well, it's good we don't have a life, so i was able to go ;-0...that's supposed to be a smiley face. I went and he saw one questionable mole that he opted to remove because just a week and a half ago it had a scan develop for some reason. since i was there, and my deductible was met, i had him remove the large protruding mole on the side of my face by my eye. it's been there for years, and is getting gradually bigger, so off it came. and it's matching mole on my shoulder. no more built-in play toys for sari....she loved to mess with them. anyway, now i have two boo-boos on one side of my face, and one on the opposite shoulder, and i'm struggling to figure out how I, as a side-sleeper, will be able to sleep tonight. i've also torqued my upper body somehow so i have some muscles cramping. this too shall pass.

oh, while i was picking mimi up for RM's house, RM's mom cut and highlighted my hair. she also flat ironed it. I'm pretty glammed least until it rains.

and that bring me to the whole tropical storm fay thing. you'd think a catagory 5 was bearing down on us for all the closings and craziness, but if it goes as usual, it will be a wind and rain event. no fun when you have a puppy to take out (a fence is sounding really good right now-look, my shift key worked for a second and I got a parenthesis...and it only took 30 attempts to get the closing exaggeration)

final thing. much like our pastor's recent meeting with his superiors, my husband got invited to lunch with his bosses today. enter the ominous duh-duh-duh music. the good news for us is that he still has a job. the bad news...pretend there's a question mark there. the bad news is that he loses his current office...and about 1/4 of his pay. Not stressing about it. god will provide. he's done it everyday of our lives, and we've been in far more dire situations with the actual total loss of his job twice in the past few years.

feeling caught up now/-yea, that's a shiftless question mark. we have a fun end of the week coming up with people blessing our socks off. first mimi has a sleep over birthday party to go to that i get to go to a fancy place a few hours away. second, someone bought some tickets to The Witnesses, which is the sequel to The Rock and the Rabbi which was phenomenal, and they gave them to us to go on saturday night. oh, and they did this for several couples, so we get to go with friends. oh, and there is childcare provided. someone pinch me, I must be dreaming111-those are shiftless exclamation points.

my shiftless computer and i are signing off for now. stay safe and dry, and if you are reading this and need refuge because fay suddenly goes all andrew-like, you know the bomb shelter is open to all, but it's byof,w, and tp...that'd be bring your own food, water and toilet paper. oh, and bedding and roach spray might be nice...hopefully i'm just kidding about the roach spray, lol.

'night y'all

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Tiffany said...

I'm glad I checked your blog one more time before I head off to bed. I went to the derm. on Friday and got the all clear. Thankful for that!
Sorry to hear about the decrease for Eric but thankful he still has a job, you are right--God will provide.
That is so cool that you get to so see The Witnesses. I bet it will be wonderful! You guys deserve a night out after all that you have endured the last few weeks. The church looks amazing and I so appreciate all that you and Eric put into it.

chewhi said...

gotta love all those smiles!

Julie said...

You were able to capitalize RM everytime, but not your own kids. Isn't that how it always is? I remember getting a typed letter (from a typewriter) years ago from a friend, apparently it didn't have an exclamation point, so she just put (em)...of course you need working parentheses for that (em em em)

Melissa said...

I'm sorry to hear of the job changes for hubby! Yes, of course, the Lord will provide - but, I understand the stresses that the change might bring.