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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Too much of a good thing...

is still too much.

We need rain. Really. NEED RAIN. I mean, we have docks that haven't seen water in years. All the lake levels are low, and in a state whose main drinking water is drawn from an underground aquifer, we really need the fill 'er-up that Fay is giving us.


But this year, I was also experiencing a bumper crop of oranges. Oranges, oranges everywhere. On our 20+ foot tall totally organic tree (read that as we just neglect it and it produces oranges anyway). This is the biggest crop we've seen since we moved here 7 1/2 years ago.

So what's the problem? Well even before Fay, we were finally experiencing a LOT of rain. Now we are getting another foot or two. And this is what is happening everywhere I look on my orange tree.

The oranges are just splitting open from too much moisture.

I was initially thinking we might even have oranges to sell this year, but now I'm wondering if we will even have any left to eat by the time they fully mature.

Just a reminder from God that He holds everything in His hands, that balance is always the best way, and that too much or too little of anything can both be disastrous.

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Smith Schoolhouse said...

that is pretty crazy! Never heard of such a thing but it makes perfect sense.