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Friday, October 17, 2008

Annual fall fun

Our local library has pumpkin decorating every year. You have to call the morning they start taking reservations to get in because it fills up fast, but we've done it every year for years and years. This year's new twist is that they didn't paint the pumpkins. Last year they replaced the carpet in the community room, and the librarian spent hours scrubbing paint out of the new carpet after last year's pumpkin fun, so this year it was glue, feathers, foamies, googley-eyes, string, etc. but no paint.
Here are the kids' creations:

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1 comment:

Melissa said...

Ok, next year, when you call to register for this, call me first so I can register too. I, like the loser I sometimes am, called on the morning of the painting. "Well, you could come down to the library and wait. If there are spaces and no one is there who is already on the waiting list, you could paint." What she didn't say was, "are you kidding? What an idiot you are!" I'm sorry we missed the fun!