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Monday, October 13, 2008


Tonight was Scott's orthodontist's annual skating party. I was meant to take Scott and Mimi, but Mimi spent all day avoiding doing her work to the best of her ability, so she lost her privilege to go, and TJ went instead.
Here's the thing. With Scott's sensory issues, the one thing you can count on is that non-stop loud music and PA announcements paired with an activity that involves unpredictable motion is just this side of the Lake of Fire in his humble opinion. He was done almost before he started.
So we got skates, and the boys put them on, but I had a cling-on on each side of my body, so the first thing we did was eat. With pizza and soda in their tummies, they were much more agreeable to skating. Well, one of them was. To be honest, Scott never set foot on the skate floor, and he changed back into shoes almost immediately after eating. And he demanded to LEAVE. NOW. He was done.
And just as soon as those words came out of his mouth, they started the drawings for the door prizes. And at about the third drawing, Scott won a 2 Gig MP3 player. Suddenly, the skate party was the BEST. It was totally fun! How could he have ever thought of leaving!
TJ worked up the courage to make small trips onto the skate floor with me watching and prompting him....just to this line....just to the next line...just to the swirling lights. Luckily, another family from church was there, and their daughter took TJ out for his first full lap around. He did great, and made several more laps.
The skating is punctuated by door prize drawings, and tonight they had lots of prizes. All the early winners' tickets stayed in because they do grand prize drawings for bikes, and everyone is eligible for that. So after the bike drawing (which we didn't win), Scott's number came up again! He won a portable CD player this time. Now, the skating rink has been elevated to THE COOLEST place to go, LOL.
Poor TJ didn't win anything, BUT after the last round of drawings, they still had prizes left (they had run out of TIME), so they just handed them out to any kid who asked, and TJ was in the right place at the right time, so he has a brand new Guess Who game!
Add that to the free pizza and soda and flashing necklaces (which I have extra of for the girls) and it was a fun long as I can lock myself up in a totally quiet padded cell, because MY sensory issues are at full capacity, LOL.
Tonight, we were One Blessed Family!
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Beth said...

How nice to win such a cool prize!

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crispy said...

What a cool party. I have never heard of a doctor throwing a party like that. Impressive.