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Friday, October 24, 2008

Venturing into political commentary...

I've been restrained so far, but there are two blog posts just ping-ponging around in my head that won't let me go, so here's the first.

I know there's debate about what the Bible says regarding homosexuality. Mostly, the debate is by people trying to justify homosexual behavior as not reflecting an inherently sinful lifestyle. It's amazing, isn't it, how scripture taken out of context can be made to say...or seem to say...anything you want.

And here's the thing, I'll even give you the fact that people can be "born that way". Yep. Radical, I know. But if you figure we are ALL born sinners, and homosexuality is a sin, then yes, people who practice it are "born that way". BUT, then so are overeaters, self-abusers, alcoholics, drug addicts, food addicts, abusive personalities....the list goes on and on. We ALL have vices. Sins that are OUR PERSONAL stumbling block. The question is, how do you act on that? Do you say, "I was born that way" and embrace the sin, letting it lead you to death? Or do you embrace your need for a Savior, take His gift of eternal life, and repent from being "born that way" to be transformed into being born again?

Lest you try to justify homosexuality, let me just say this. For me, the answer comes in the first verses of the Bible. In Genesis. During creation, at the end of each day, God said, "It is good." At the end of each day, that is, until He created man. The He said, "It is NOT good that man should be alone." And He created a help meet for him. Eve. Not Steve. When God created the person to perfectly complete Adam, to be his help meet, that was Eve, not Steve. A woman, not another man. And that's why marriage always has been, and should in my state now legally be declared to be, between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN. That's how it's been since the beginning of the world. That's how God created it to be. And what God has joined together, let no man put asunder.
VOTE YES on Amendment 2.
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crispy said...

Already voted and mailed it it. Good for you to take a stand. =)

Anonymous said...

That is great and well said!

amy w.