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Saturday, October 4, 2008

TJ's New Room

TJ's room is finished! Mostly. Almost. Kind of. Well, at least he's sleeping in it, LOL. Here he was on his first night:

The floor is done-except for a few tiny touchup places from where the painter's tape peeled off the stain. You may recall the utter disaster we had with the initial tinting, so here's what the remedy looks like. The first picture is actually of the worst spot, and I think the gray over the top hids the boo-boos pretty well.

The walls are done...expect the closet walls-I ran out of paint, so currently they are destined to stay lilac and primer white. Good thing he's a boy. This picture shows the wall and trim color plus the blackboard/magnetic area and a piece of his loft bed.

The chalkboard/magnetic paint has been put to use:

His stuff is moved in...except what isn't. But mostly, what he needs is in there now. And as you can see, there is plenty to make a mess! The irony is we rushed to get the room done because of how much the 3 of them were fighting while they were in one room, but now they CHOSE to be in his room most of the now at 1 hour and 40 minutes past bed time.
He's enjoying his own space, and the girls are quickly laying claim to theirs.

I have to go chase some kids off to bed or we'll never make it to church in the morning!

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crispy said...

It turned out great. All that hard work paid off.

cindy said...

Great job! I love the chalkboard paint and that they all want to be together now!

Randi Sue said...

What a cool room!

Smith Schoolhouse said...

it looks so good! I love the floor- I've always wanted to try something like that- esp. in our old house on Orange.

OK, here's my OCD coming out- I would HAVE to move that dresser over to be centered under the chalkbaord, but I guess then it wouldn't be as functional- I am just wierd like that- CRAZY about symmetry.