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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Was it YOU?

Someone knocked on our door and than RAN while I wasn't home. My son opened the door to find 4 goody bags outside the door. It's a very nice gesture, but if you are the one who did it, can you fess up so I know the candy isn't laced with rat poisoning? Sorry, but in this day and age you never know...

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DebiH. said...

It was not me but Hannah DID do that to a lady on our street today. She was suppossed to do something kind for a stranger for one of her Awana sections. Maybe it was another T&T girl??

Melissa said...

Well, if you read the whole letter - including the little itty bitty writing at the bottom, I bet you can figure it out. Only in America do you have to worry about poisoned lollies. The thought never crossed my mind. You know how we're aliens here? I Peter. I'm soooo an alien here in the good ole USA too!

Smith Schoolhouse said...

OK, is this a NZ thing or what? I was so confused last night but I did read the whole letter and realized who it was.