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Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm a sucker...

and you can bump the critter count back up by one.
I should know better than to take a child to a pet store.

Riley BROKE his collar today (don't ask) so he needed a new one. My husband bought one on the way home, but apparently he thought we had Clifford the Big Red Dog instead of Damien the Demon Possessed dog living here, as he bought a size huge and was convinced it would fit. It didn't.

So off I went before dinner to Pet Supermarket. And I took TJ because the other kids wanted to go but they weren't done with their schoolwork for the day so it was a form of discipline for them to take him instead.

I should have known better.

We no sooner walked in than he said, "can we get a new hamster?".

Did anyone NOT see that coming?

And yes, that big crashing noise you could hear all the way from your house was me caving in and saying "yes" (although I did hold him at bay for about 15 minutes).

So now we have a seemingly nice little girl hamster currently going by the name Caramel (guess what color she is?). The one contingency was that we would NOT get one if we couldn't find a nice one. Wouldn't you know the first one I picked up was nice. She wasn't jumpy and she didn't bite. Of course, time will tell, but here's praying we got a nice one.

Just sign me, one crazy and blessed mamma ;-).
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crispy said...

You crazy girl!!! Hope it is a nice one.

Smith Schoolhouse said...