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Saturday, September 19, 2009

I know, I know-random thoughts and happenings

First I whine about not having followers, then I give them nothing to read once I get them. Sorry guys and gals!

Well, hold on tight, 'cause this is some really random stuff :-).

  • I ran Easy Worship and the sound at church today by myself. Maybe not a big deal to you, but for not-so-technically-proficient me, it was huge. I did okay, but I'd get into the worship myself and forget to click on the next slide...silly me...other people need the words too.
  • Mimi had a piece fall out of her tooth on Thursday. I was on my way to pick up Sari and Bam-Bam and she said, "I think a piece of my tooth just fell out." And it did. ARGH! We have a fabulous dentist though and they got us right in and then worked her in to do the filling that day too. She also got a lesson on the importance of brushing...
  • SO there I was with 4 four year olds at the dentist and my boys at home alone. The boys WOULD NOT answer the phone, so I had to trust they were alive and okay. The 4 year olds had not had lunch since we went right from pre-K to the dentist, but I had granola bars in the car so they had some of those. We were at the dentist for about 2 hours. And anyone who knows my nephew knows quiet and calm are NOT his strong suit, but he and Sari were AMAZING. They sat and played and spoke in appropriate voices...and the waiting room full of geriatric patients all smiled...except one man who came in about 1:30 into our saga. HE "humpfed" and "humpfed", and even "shushed" the kids several times (they REALLY were being quiet, I COULD NOT believe this guy). He finally went and complained and they took him back to a quiet room to wait. The front office gals said he complains about stuff all the time and that they couldn't even hear the kids. I really had to pray for that man though so I would keep my fleshly mouth shut and not say what I was tempted to say.
  • For the first time EVER, both my older kids have the Precept work DONE for the week (so we can go to Disney on Monday).
  • We are going to Disney, God and my various health issues willing, to watch my pastor tap dance in pastel pin stripes on Main Street...some opportunities to laugh just can't be missed.
  • My house is beyond infested with bugs. It is making me NUTS. First it was the ants that came in with the rain. They are pharaoh ants and they like to live in houses and can't easily be gotten rid of without bombing, and I refuse to do that, so we might just have to start naming them. Then came the fleas...actually they came in with the last influx of kittens and Abby, but their population exploded while I was in NC, and they were everywhere. Luckily they don't find me appealing to husband on the other hand...SO I bought some food grade diatomaceous earth (DE). DE is also called "shell flour" and is made from ground up shells. This really is as fine as flour is, and it apparently is VERY deadly to bugs because the tee-ni-nee particles are rough and scratch the bugs and they dehydrate. But it's totally safe to humans and pets, so I sprinkled it on the cats (outdoor and in), on the rugs, on the animals' food (it kills intestinal parasites too), and anywhere else I could, and the fleas are GONE. LOVE IT.
  • The final (I hope) plague has been wheat moths. Luckily I have all my wheat and wheat like products in plastic bags, but they came in in something, and infested an old box of cheerios, and YIKES, we have moths everywhere. They are easy to kill, but they stain the ceiling when you smooch them, so they are a pain. That, and they end up dead in glasses of water that I leave out on the counter for ME to drink. THEY MUST GO!!!
Okay, this is probably pretty long now. I have more to say, but I'll do it with pictures in another post.

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Tiffany said...

We've had ants and wheat moths. The wheat moths were the worst! I ultimately ended up finding them in a couple of places and it literally took months to eliminate them from our house.
You are brave to sit for 2 hours in a dentist's office with 2 four year olds! Glad they behaved for you though.

Sonya said...

Whoa! You keep proving to me that you are waaayyyy to busy outside of the home & yet here you are constantly having more work at home. Why is that??? I'll pray for balance, peace & guidance for you!

Julie said...

Yikes about Mimi's tooth!

I HATE wheat moths!!

Cristy said...

Where can I find DE? Great post.

oneblessedmamma said...

I ordered the DE off Ebay. It was about $25 for a 10 lb bag (shipping included), I think. Be careful to get "food grade" not the stuff they use in pools.