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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jodi's kids...and Jennie's niece and nephews

This was the first response to my request for a picture. What you have to know is that this pretty little girl was BORN with this scowl...and she'd scowl as a baby whenever she concentrated on something...but NOW? Now, it's totally INTENTIONAL, LOL.

Here are three of the kids making a "fire". LB was the ring leader, and she informed Kiwi that they were digging in search of a lighter so they could make a REAL fire...oh my ;-).

LB and Bam-Bam were intent on collecting anything they could find and piling it as high as it would go so that they could climb up into this tree. It was HYSTERICAL to see them drag spare bike parts and anything else they could find. They also planned to "fix" the bikes afterward, but we nixed that.

This is pretty LB when she's not plotting arson or scowling at me :-)

Snot and dirt...does it get any better if you are a boy?

That cute face hides some really clever (and mischievous) thoughts.
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Tiffany said...

I love the LB scowl. Sounds like she and Bam Bam had fun together. I'm glad they didn't find the lighters. I love her imagination. Great pics as usual! Boogers and all.

Leisa said...

Good thing she looks just like her momma, or I would be totally LOST, between, Jodi, Jennie, Bam-Bam... I don't know anyone with these names ;)

oneblessedmamma said...

Ironically, other than Bam-Bam, those are their real, legal names, LOL.

Leisa said...

Not their first names, albeit and do you know everyones middle name?

Melissa said...

When Mr 3 Year Old calls me "Miss Wissa", it completely melts my heart.