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Sunday, September 20, 2009

TJ's B-day at Disney

If you follow this blog for any length of time, you'll notice that most of the pics of the hubs involve some funny face.

The proud birthday boy :-)

This attraction was my first job at Disney. Now it's a shadow of its former self-automated tour guides and a seriously abbreviated trip around the now-non-existent backlot. When they opened the car show, they plowed down most of the backlot, but still my kids like to do this ride. I hadn't noticed Scott's sensory issues still extend to loud rides like this until I saw the pictures.

Disney's best idea in decades was to give pass holders a gift card worth the value of the free admission they are offering the general public for their birthday. TJ had $68 to spend. His first purchase was a "build your own" light saber. It was every Star Wars fan's dream.

Just a picture of Mimi to prove she was there :-).

Daddy splurged and took us to T-Rex for TJ's birthday dinner.

I don't think TJ's ever been sung to at a restaurant for his birthday before. And keeping with the theme, the waiters "roared" at him after they finished the song.

The lego statues at Downtown Disney are always a hit. Above is Scott clowning around with a shark and below is Sari with the lego family.

My little princess with two of her Disney favs.

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Debbie said...

looks like a great day!!!!:)