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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Looking for a resurrection

My camera is dead. My beautiful Canon Rebel SLR is dead. It won't even turn on. It was giving me an err 99 code before it died in a flash of light. At best, it's the battery and it needs to be replaced (although the battery charged fine on the charger). The battery is difficult to find here in the mountains, and may run me $40. At worse, it is the shutter or CF pins needing to be replaced and that is about $200-plus goodness only knows how long without my camera.
I capture our lives with my camera. It's an extension of who I am. I can't imagine being here in the mountains without it. It's almost painful to see things I want to take pictures of and can't.
Gotta run. We have been visiting Jennie and our visit is at an end. Time to take some last pictures of our kids together.
Oh, that's right...
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1 comment: said...

I also have the Canon Rebel and my heart hurts for you! The thought of my "baby" sputtering and dying sends me into wild grief! My condolences...