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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Field Trip!

We joined a Disney Homeschooling group a month or so ago, and today we took a field trip with them to Fort Wilderness's Tri-Circle D farm to observe the farrier at work. But what we got was so much more. I guess because it was a rainy day they were uncertain as to whether the farrier would be working in a place that the group could watch and not get soaked (actually, the weather held out beautifully), so they arranged a much more detailed horse barn tour than I think we would have gotten otherwise. What in the past had been a 45 minute presentation took an hour and a half, and the kids got to see...
Cinderella's ponies (the misters in the barn went off right when I took this, so there are water droplets everywhere...oh, and please forgive the HORRIBLE picture quality. With the rain, I took the little Easy Share, and not my "real camera".)

and the huge Percherons (one of each up close even),

and touch the tack and food and see the vet area and lots of cool stuff.

Oh, and we did get to see the farrier too. Here are some pictures from that.

On the left is an old worn horseshoe, and on the right a new one. That was a great example for the kids of WHY the horses have to have new shoes.

The farrier fits a new shoe to a Percheron.

Sari gets to hold a new Percheron shoe...these weigh about 5 lbs. each.

The farrier shapes a shoe.

Oh, and I love this...even the horses have nametags. Below is Dutch, a beautiful dapple gray Percheron.

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Cindy said...

I love the idea of a Disney homeschool group!