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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Nothing like posting in reverse!

I know Halloween is one of those touchy subjects for Christians, but we have always gone trick-or-treating with our friends, and I can't imagine it any other way. I do wish we could avoid all the people dressed as the grim reaper/slashers/"Scream" guys and the equally disturbing hooker/street walker/pole dancer types. But other than that, you can't beat an evening hayride with 20 of your best friends and people handing you candy just for asking ;-).
O and S as "twins"

M the "mad ballerina", Mimi the gypsy, and A the pioneer girl.


W, as Charlie Brown

E as Harry Potter (I LOVE this picture of him ;-)

The whole motley crew

The boys

The girls

Because most costumes for 13 year old boys who are 5'7" are not even REMOTELY appropriate, Scott went as a hobo.

Sari as a Chinese girl-we had this from a a church friend who went to China and brought this back for his daughter...ironically, another church friend brought her another lighter pink dress like this just a few months ago. She loves them both.

Mimi with her $10 Goodwill gypsy costume

Mimi the next day in her new favorite skirt and top :-)- I love practical costumes.

TJ's costume from Goodwill. It cost $2.54. I love Goodwill!!!
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