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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The rest of our Disney Day

Siamang mamma and baby (attached to her chest with a vice like grip ;-).

We went to Animal Kingdom after we left Fort Wilderness. There was a cold front coming through, so it was a little rainy, but not in an unpleasant sort of way. In fact, it was beautiful. It was warm, but not hot (maybe 78ish), overcast, but not gloomy, a nice breeze, and just a sprinkling that seemed to bring out EVERY animal on the Safari. Sadly, I had the lousy Easy Share with me, because the pictures would have been amazing, except that camera is incapable of taking a picture if you are not at a complete standstill for a good minute, and the pictures it does take aren't good quality (although my husband swears it's 8 MP). Add to that a corrupt, brand new memory card, so about 25 pictures only actually were half captured, and you get a very frustrated photographer!

Mimi took this one!

The rhino was SOOO close, I could have touched it-for real. That's why this is such a bad picture-he was too close to frame.

She had her eye on some antelope...and she never blinked. Good thing for the antelope that "you can't get there from here".

A mamma white rhino and her baby.

A CUTE baby giraffe.

Disney's newest thing...doors on the trams. Animal Kingdom is the first location, and all their trams now have them. Hollywood Studios is next. Sari, TJ, and Mimi were SOOOO hoping that the doors would mean an end to the "children must sit in the middle" rule, but no such luck.

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getting caught up with you - you've had a busy week