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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Sunday Evening Post...on Monday morning.

Warning, some of these might be a little snarky ;-).

It is amazing to me that an average of 6 people a day have amazing amounts of money that there is absolutely NO way they can access without my help...and if I help by simply giving them my checking account number, they will grant me a TON of money just for being helpful ;-)'s sad to me that anyone falls under these traps, and equally disturbing that there seems to be no way to stop them. They must lure in someone, because I get soooo many each day.

I think it's funny that Vistaprint, who makes good things to be sure, is always sending me these, "We have a special sale JUST FOR YOU" if they aren't sending that e-mail to their entire address book...

Speaking of "funny", keeps sending me an e-mail telling me THEY have a 1988 year book from my high school. Really? So do I. Is there some sort of prize for owning one?

Okay, enough snarky commentary.

To round out our crazy week, UIP had concerts Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, which kept me a)hopping and b) totally neglecting my family when it came to dinner. Must. Try. HARDER.

Mimi spent the week-end with a friend again-a different one this weekend than last, and she has an invite to go back to RM's next week-end too. I love that I have a sweet daughter and her companionship is sought out...but I miss her when she's not here.

This week's school agenda? Cram in a unit study on Thanksgiving. Thankfully, there have been a ton of free resources online, but I've killed a small tree by printing stuff out for the next few days.

I got to go yesterday to Disney with the kids to meet up with two other members of the TOS Crew. It was good fun, but I couldn't stay very long since I had to get back for the concert that evening.

Speaking of Disney, I rode one of the only rides I'd never done before...Mission:Space. Sari wanted to ride, and my "deal" is that I will ride each ride with them their first time, but after that, they may be on their own-or with a sibling. (I was fortunate enough with the other kids that they rode it for their first time with some of the same friends from the TOS Crew that we were meeting up with again yesterday.) Well, she decided she wanted to ride...with me.
I don't' like simulator rides...they mess with my head and I feel wonky the rest of the day. I also am not fond of small enclosed spaces that someone else closes me into (although I'm fine on elevators-go figure). So here we are in line for Mission:Space- a simulator ride that involves being shut up into a very small (four person) simulator pod for the duration of the ride. Oh, and they warn you about every 5 feet that if you have problems with simulators, or small enclosed spaces, this is not the ride for you. And when you get into the pod, there are barf bags right in front of you...and a final warning that you might want to bail NOW. (And that's all on the "wimpy" green, less intense side of the ride.) Add to that a pull down over your head harness and a console that tilts forward toward you to really round out the "there's no escaping now" feeling, and I about had a panic attack. Seriously. I've NEVER come that close to feeling totally freaked out. I just kept reminding myself that all the little kids on the ride, including the girl next to me who had done it before wouldn't be there if it was awful. And I figured I'd pull a "Paul and Silas" and sing and pray my way through if it was really bad. But the air started blowing in my face (thank GOD for that air) and I closed my eyes (that helps my head not to be so messed up for the rest of the day), and the capsule started rocking like a rocking chair...and it wasn't bad at all. Sari's response when the ride was over..."Can we do it again?". Me, "Absolutely...with your brother ;-)".

My 5 year old came into the kitchen yesterday to tell me that the clothes she had dressed herself in made her feel "hooch-y". I'm glad she's embracing modesty, but really her clothes were fine...I think it was an excuse to try on several outfits. Her legs are getting longer though, and that does tend to boost the hooch factor of even formerly modest clothes by making it look like the shorts are too short.

I'm adjusting my "couch to 5K" thing. First of all, I never started to do it so that I could actually run a 5 K someday...nope, not even remotely a consideration. I started tit o get my BUTT up and doing something. What I realized after 2 weeks of doing "week 3" which involves running two 90 second runs and two 3 minute runs, I realized that while I was able to do it, I was not doing it well. My form was suffering and I was not running "correctly". Rather than press on and develop bad habits, I went back a week, and am really concentrating on form-correct footfall, etc. It was actually quite a work out. I think I'll camp out in week 2 until I'm running well there, and then worry about moving on.

Sari is uber sniffley today. It make her talk funny...or maybe I should say funnier than usual.

I have a review coming later today too, so keep your eyes peeled, LOL.

Must. Go. School. the. children...
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