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Sunday, November 21, 2010

How big is YOUR God?

I sing with a multi-denominational praise choir called United in Praise. We represent at least 30 different churches and probably every Christian denomination known to man. I love there folks. They are like family to me. And I love the fact that though there are a ton of things that COULD divide us, the fact is that in heaven all those denominational differences will be gone, and we will all be praising God together, so in UIP, we just start on this side of heaven.
Because we rehearse every week, and because I already have 4 kids with busy schedules like AWANA, and our own church's mid week service, it is not always easy to be involved with the choir. Everything is one more thing. And it's seldom about deciding between the good and the bad as much as it is about deciding between the good and the excellent. But every time I try to walk away, God affirms for me that UIP is the excellent.
This has been a busy weekend for us, with 3 concerts on 3 consecutive evenings. Last night, we had a concert at a new church, or at least new to us, although the building was new to the church too. It was a predominately black 7th day Adventist church. The choir really loves singing in churches like that, because we sing mostly Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir music (or the same genre) and those churches tend to really respond. Last night was no exception. It's SOOOO amazing to be part of God's work on Earth. To really, truly feel His presence in a place. (Yes, I know He's always with us, and that He is there whenever two or more are gathered in His name...but I mean something a little different than that, and you just have to experience it to understand). The church we sang at wasn't big. There were maybe 100 people there. And one of their members got ill and was taken away by ambulance before we started singing, so they had every reason to be distracted...but they weren't. Their response was wonderful.
The choir takes up a love offering. We don't keep a penny of it. God has always provided for UIP's needs separately, and we try to give back by appealing to people who enjoy the concert to join us in our support of whatever charities we are supporting that season. This season it is two different small, private shelters for women and children. The money they will get will help them immensely in providing for the needs of battered women and pregnant single moms. The church we were at last night...they gave (in individual donations) $1000. So how big is YOUR God, because mine is huge-amazing and humbling every time. And to be allowed to be part of His plan is fulfilling beyond words.

Lord, thank You for these 3 nights of concerts. It's so easy to think I'm too busy...too tired...too...whatever... to do Your work, but that just isn't true if it really is Your work I'm doing. Help me to always discern between the good and the excellent, and thank You for letting me be even a small part of Your plan. Thank You for my brothers and sisters in Christ in UIP who daily help me see Your hand in their lives and in mine. Amen.
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