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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Okay, so maybe it's not even...

The Sunday evening post. Maybe more like the Wednesday night post this week.

Here are my random thoughts for the week...

We were given a free trampoline several months ago. The kids have literally used it every day. BUT, because we live in FL, and it's a bazillion degrees here 9 months of the year, the ties that hold the enclosure net in place have disintegrated. And the padding that covers the springs has fallen basically, our trampoline now resembles the ones WE all grew up with... a big bouncy surface with absolutely NOTHING to keep you from falling into the springs OR onto the ground. So last week, Mimi managed to slip through the springs and bruise her leg pretty badly...I'm pretty sure I did the same thing more than once as a child. But her leg is all sorts of ugly colors now. And it was her inner thigh too! And then today, Sari tried to climb on while TJ and a friend were jumping (breaking rule number ONE-only one person on the trampoline at a time...yeah, how many of us broke that rule as a kid too?), and she managed to get caught pretty badly in the springs too. She has major scratches on her wrist, up and down her arm, and multi-inch long ones across her torso. I made her put on a long sleeve shirt tonight before AWANA so she wouldn't look like we beat her. The Hubs is now ready to take the chop saw to the trampoline. I, on the other hand, just want to petition his parents and sister to get the kids a new one (complete with enclosure and spring cover pad) for Christmas. They LOVE it so much, and they use it everyday for exercise, I'd hate to see it go, but it's also not worth a life or a limb.

Mimi got to go to Ballet tonight with her friend. She lives for this "bring a friend day" every year. Unfortunately, she was hit in the eye by a flying projectile (launched by an exuberant boy playing outside) about an hour before she was supposed to go, and for about 45 minutes she was convinced she would not be able to go, but she rallied and had a great time.

I've been doing fairly well on the "couch to 5K" thing. It seems to me that they might be a little optimistic about how much a couch potato can actually accomplish, but I have found that doing 2 weeks worth of every "week" on the program is working for me. My friend K, who is my mentor (although she doesn't know it) inspires me to keep at it. She has already completed this and moved on to the bridge to 10K, and then bailed on that in favor of a different program, which I love because it's like having someone beta test things for me. Anyway, I was telling her that I might just hang out on week 2 for, say, ever because week 3 goes from the 5 90-second runs in week 2, to two 90 second runs and TWO 3-minute runs. Three minutes...are you NUTS???? Me to K, "I think I'll stay on week 2 for another week or so." K to me, "So you've already done it for 2 weeks? Me, "Yep, but I'm still dying at the end of 90 seconds." Her, "Move on". Me, "". Her, "Really, I bet you can do it." Me, "". So I did it. I moved on. I'm tarting to have a love/hate relationship with my mentor. She was right. I did it. And I did it again tonight. So, I've now run 4 3-minute intervals. And lived to tell about it. Who knew? That is amazing proof right there that there is a GOD, and He is Omnipotent. Only He could make me run for 3 minutes and not die. Speaking of, I LOVE this time, not because I love running (I don't) but because I have some great worship music on my phone, and I just run and worship, and it's an amazing experience every time.

I've done a couple of photo shoots for friends lately, and one for a couple at church who just had twins. I got to do her maternity pics, but they never called for the newborn pics and now the babies are several weeks old :-(. I'm bummed because I really wanted some twin pics in my portfolio.

My shoulder is messed up bad, which, given that it is my right shoulder, is not good for a photographer. I have had problems with it since I was pregnant with Scott, but I think our ridiculous dog exacerbated the problem and now I am in pain daily. It migrates up my neck too...I'm not at all meaning to whine, I'm just randomly sharing because it's in stating these things that I am able to see God work in my life when I look back months/years from now.

Mimi has now completed Read, Write, and Type. Boy, my kids LOVE that program. They are hoping beyond hope that we get to review the next level of it in the spring.

I have yet to have a single day where we have gotten everything done for homeschooling that I want to do in a day. Sari has gotten the short end of the stick this week for sure. Tomorrow is going to be her day. I have to admit though, I'm ready for a break. Dealing with Scott is draining me. I'm soooo over it all. By about 1 or 2 I am brain fried and in need of a nap...or a mocha vodka xanax latte to go...The public schools are out tomorrow...I'm SO tempted to celebrate the national holiday too.


The older 3 kids and I are going to be gone 3 days next week to work on that movie again that we did a few weeks ago. So if we will lose 3 days next week, I hate to take another one this week.

The kids and I finished our Precept classes for the fall this week. I finished Isaiah, and they finished a study on Joseph. They each colored frames of a Joseph "Veggie Tales" comic book, and it looks really, really good. Mimi was one point away from winning the class prize- a coat of many colors. A little boy won it, and I'm glad because TJ was SURE that boy would win because he worked so hard. I'm thrilled that he won, and that Mimi got so close.

Okay, that's enough for tonight...I have ton more to say, but I can never think of it when I sit down at the end of the day, so I'll sign off...

Abba Father, I am so thankful that You are. You are holy, righteous, Creator, Redeemer, the God of Truth. I have been blessed by my study of Isaiah to be reminded of Your faithfulness and Your absolute control. You created the hands that "create" everything else we hold dear...perhaps too dear in some cases. Forgive me for anything and everything I place before You...anything that I give value to that is not worthy. Lord, thank You for Your faithfulness to me and to my family. We've been blessed beyond measure, and certainly beyond anything we deserve. Help us to remember that always, and to "pay it forward" by extending grace to others too. Amen.
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