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Monday, March 7, 2011

Easter and Birthdays and Shopping, Oh My!

Tomorrow my baby girl turns 6.  She's been my oldest "youngest child" for over 2 1/2 years, but she just seems so grown up lately.  She's had a growth spurt and is all legs currently.  We celebrated her birthday with family on Saturday afternoon, and the today while we were shopping for Easter clothes, we got her again by having the friendly folks at Olive Garden bring her a cake and sing.  She's totally into to this birthday thing, and was thrilled.  Tomorrow we'll head to Disney-where all princesses should spend their birthdays, LOL.
Here are some pictures:
This year's cake-and yes, her name was spelled correctly this year, LOL
My nephew B
Sari and B playing.  She's so good with him.  Check out the same picture below with a special editing preset applied to it.  Cool, no?

These are from today:
See the delight on her face?  Below is the rest of the sequence of pictures.
These is Sari's dress for Easter.  She loves it so much, she put it on in the dressing room and never took it off again. 

Princess hair :-)

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Sonya said...

Happy Birthday S! Love that princess hair!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Sari!! It seems like you were just born!!! Time is flying way too fast!!!