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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TJ Spring Soccer

TJ played fall soccer in a neighboring town, and he enjoyed himself so much we signed him up again for the spring.  About half his old team is on his new team, and his coach is the brother of a guy I sang with in UIP.  In fact, Rodney from UIP helps to co-coach, so it's a great situation.  Last night was "picture night".  You know, those exorbitantly priced package deals that are the only sanctioned way to get a picture of your child with their team.  Being the rebel (and a photographer myself) I took TJ's individual picture.  One member of his team was sick, so hopefully we'll get a team photo another day.  Here are a few pictures from last night.

Goal tends to be the position TJ plays most.
At this small size, you thankfully can't see how blurry the picture is, but if you click on it, you will be able to see not only the blur, but that both feet are off the ground mid-kick.
TJ "helping" to put the goal away.
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MeritK said...

Wow - you got some great action shots! I love your cute blog design BTW!

Heidi said...

Great pictures! He makes me smile!

Julie said...

Great pics!