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Saturday, March 26, 2011

How to Devastate Your Daughter in One Easy Step

Run over a cat.  Not just any cat, but one of the friendly neighborhood strays who has come to call your food bowl home. 

Yeah, it's been a rough night.

We had fun going on a 2 mile family walk/bike ride.  Sari is spending the night with her cousin, so there were no little legs to worry about (although she does an amazing job keeping up when we go to Disney).  We got home, and I had two $10 coupons for Kohl's that were going to expire tomorrow, so since they were open until 11 tonight, I allowed Mimi to go with me for some mother-daughter time. 

We backed up, and I told her we were going to have to ride with the windows down because the car smelled a bit musty.  I couldn't figure out why until I turned around and saw Scott's sailing gear still in the back.  YUCK!  So I stopped the car and asked Mimi to take the bag of stuff and set it to the side of the shed.  She did that, got back in, and I put the car in drive.  As I very slowly started pulling forward, I felt a "thump thump".  Wondering what I ran over now (given that more than one bike and numerous scooters had all found themselves a little worse for wear after a moment under a multi-ton vehicle.  Except this time, as I looked back in the glow of the rear brake lights, I saw that this was no bike or scooter.  And I had Mimi in the car so when I got out to go get the hubs to deal with it, she saw it too.

Ohhh, my heart breaks for her.  It was sad, as the cat did not die immediately, and it was the head that was hit, so it was very traumatic.  Please pray for my sweet, sensitive Mimi whose first question was, "Do cats go to heaven?".  It's going to be a rough few days until the loss becomes less raw.  The only good part about it is that this particular cat, "Ginger", is a newer stray left behind by some family who moved away.  The kids are fond of her to be sure, but they are not nearly as fond of her as some of the others that have been part of our lives for years.
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Debbie(single;complicated) said...

:( I can imagine how hard this way!!!~

Tiffany said...

Oh, I feel terrible for you and her. Blame it on Evan's sailing stuff.

DebiH. said...

I am so sorry. We'll be praying for Emily.