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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Sunday Evening Post

Do you ever find yourself not even interested in your own life?  Or at least writing about your own life?  I feel like I've been too busy living it to write about it!  So here are some random updates in no particular order...

Scott is still enjoying school...mostly.  This week, he had some trouble.  All these normal, typical school experiences are new to him.  This week he got passed a note by a girl who wanted to borrow his iPod.  He wrote back that she could borrow it if she kissed him!  Oiy!  The thing is that he really thinks kissing is gross, it's just that now that he's in a "building school" environment, things like kissing girls and whether you've done it or not comes up and is discussed, and he hasn't so he was trying to remedy that.  Anyway, they wrote back and forth a little more, and he used another word that he had heard, but did NOT know the meaning of, and the teacher intercepted the note, and it went south from there.  She read it to the class, he was reprimanded and mortified, and the rest of the week, the other kids teased him about it.  We are hoping the weekend will have given the class time to move on to something else, but we will see.

This week is Spring Break for the public school students in our county.  The problem is that I wasn't  planning on taking Spring Break this week, and Scott's spring break isn't for weeks to come, so now here I am on Sunday night not knowing what I am doing Monday morning.  I did tell my god daughter's mother that Mimi could go to the beach with them tomorrow, so I guess tomorrow will be a day off at least for her.

Our hawks have been around quite a bit lately.  We hear them at least once a day.  We have to be sure the girls (chickens) are up when the hawks are out.  While the hubs thinks they are too big for the hawks to carry off, I don't want to test that theory.

I have spent quite a bit of time lately preparing our garden. The garden boxes had gotten over grown with clover and another similar weed that tends to be very prolific, and it was a ton of work to clear them out. I still have broccoli and 2 lettuce heads growing from the fall. For some reason, they decided on 180 days to harvest instead of 90 ;-). Oh, and I have peas that reseeded themselves and have been producing pods every week that get eaten before they ever make it into the house. Anyway, I planted a whole box on a Wednesday evening after I dropped the kids at AWANA only to have the sky open up an hour later and wash every last seed away. So I replanted a week later and I have some carrots, garlic, beans, lettuce, and peas already sprouting.

I had a rogue plant appear with a big flower head like the one above.  I had to wait until it opened to figure out which of the plants from the kids "light hut' experiment might have managed to make it.  The winner?  Calendula.  I'm very excited!

My broccoli and lettuce from the fall.  The plastic netting helps to keep the girls from eating my garden.

Peas on the left and new bean sprouts on the right.  I also have lettuce and purslane and peppers planted in here.

Yesterday was CRAZY hot.  I mean like 86 degrees hot.  In March.  (If that sounds good to you, just think what our July feels like.) SO of course, that was the day I started digging up a half our yard to create a new garden bed for some bushes and trees that have been living in pots for over a year.  The problem is that it's been so ling my husband can't even remember what two of them are- so I have no idea what they will grow or how much room they need to grow in.  The plan is for him to ask the guy he got them from tomorrow, but until then, they can't get planted.  I did get two blueberries and one strawberry guava planted today though, so that's progress.

This whole corner is going to be a flower bed/garden some day.  Too bad I can't harvest the dog's digging abilities.  He tried "helping" but the end result was a very dirty ME.
Grubs!  I have found about a dozen so far.  The girls LOVE them.  They are gross and scary looking, and about the width and length of my little finger.  YUCK!

Not that you can tell, but the dark circles are the new plants.  I have cleared a swath about 5 feet wide, but obviously still have work to do.

My "check engine" light is on.  If I made a top ten list of ways I did NOT want to spend my day, going to the car dealership would be VERY high on that list.  My steering wheel is cracked at the top too.  Does that even happen anymore?  Apparently it does, at least to me.

It's spring in FL.  Everything is in bloom.  The pollen counts are ridiculous, but the flowers are amazing.  Above are my azaleas and the bottom picture is my roses.

Loquats.  Not being a FL native, they are foreign to me, but the kids love to eat them.  They are almost ripe.

Okay, I know most of that was incredibly boring, but that's the best I can do.  I always have soooo much to blog about...until I actually sit down to do it ;-).  And since it's 11:48 PM, I think I'll call it quits for tonight.
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