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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

January 2014- A Review in Photos


Mimi got a Thomas Kincade Disney puzzle for Christmas which she worked hard to put together.

We did some baking- Yummy scones :-)

It was super cold one day, so we had some bubble fun

This is a freezing bubble

Broken frozen bubble
Frozen colored water balloons- super easy and sooo pretty

Mimi designed this on Always Ice Cream, and lots of other things too.  Her Frozen based things were very popular.

Family game time

We went to our favorite state park two days after the freeze, and found parts of the stream still iced over.

Sari got a glitter tattoo kit for Christmas, and I got a glitter tattoo, or two, or three :-)

We raked a TON of leaves out to the curb so the leaf sucker truck could come get them.

Mimi started on a green smoothie kick

We visited a new park with some friends.  This park has some cool rocks to climb and some awesome slides and slide hills.

Later that same evening we got our first snow.  It was big fluffy flakes, and although we only got a dusting, the kids made the most of it-even making a snowman.

We've taken in some of the local culinary offerings...Goodberry's Frozen Custard and the Mellow Mushroom (oh, YUM!)

We had another super cold snap, and supercooled some soda outside.  When you open the bottle and shake it a tad, it instantly turns to slush-WAY cool.

And at the very end of the month, we got another snow.  A real one this time.  

The kids had a ton of fun...

TJ playing dead...I said do something "TJ like", and this is what he came up with...silly boy.

4 kids in the picture, but 2 aren't even mine.  With public school out, we become the Kool-Aid house (you know, the one where everyone gathers.)

 Sari doing her best "Let It Go" impression...

Finally, Sari has made a good friend, and they live near us.  Here the girls are enjoying hot apple cider.  Real hot apple cider.  Like the kind made from apples that were juiced while we were there.  YUM!

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Julie said...

Great pics! I especially love the one of TJ and Sari walking in the woods. This reminds me I was going to do a post about every month from LAST year...maybe not.