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Monday, February 3, 2014

UNSTOPPABLE (DVD) Review and Giveaway

As a kid, I was a big fan of Kirk Cameron in his secular TV role in Growing Pains.  As an adult, I've been exceedingly pleased to watch him embrace his faith and use his God given talents for acting in some wonderful Christian movies.  So of course, this past fall, when there was hype on the internet about his new movie UNSTOPPABLE, I was very interested.  BUT.  But it was only showing in certain theaters around the country (none super close to us), and it was released just as we got the official news that we would be moving-so fun nights out to the movies were kind of out of the question.  So I was very excited to get this opportunity to review UNSTOPPABLE to mark its release on DVD.

The Official blurb about UNSTOPPABLE:
Inspired by the death of Cameron’s close friend who succumbed to cancer at the age of 15, Kirk Cameron takes viewers on an inspiring and hope-filled visual journey to better understand the biggest doubt-raising question in faith: “Where is God in the midst of tragedy and suffering?”
Going back to the beginning—literally—Kirk investigates the origins of good and evil and how they impact our lives … and our eternities. UNSTOPPABLE will prompt audiences to consider the role that pain and suffering has in our lives, as they affirm their personal views on faith, and encourage conversation starters about God, suffering, and hope. 

In theaters for only two weeknights (Sept 24th and Oct 3th, 2013), UNSTOPPABLE: A Live Event with Kirk Cameron sold a staggering 260,000 tickets and reached a theatrical gross of over $3.2 million dollars. In just two nights this independent project sent a loud message – audiences want thought-provoking and meaningful entertainment.   

OBM says:  This is literally one of the hardest reviews I've had in a long time.  There were things I LOVED about UNSTOPPABLE.  Kirk Cameron has a wonderful way of presenting the gospel.  He's personable and real, and it's like you are sitting across the table from him.  There were times what he was saying was so dead on that I thought, "Every youth group, every church should show this."  He starts with the beginning, with dirt, and mud, and man...Adam.  But then sin enters the world, and some weirdness enters the story.  I probably won't explain it well given that I don't want to start a full out theological debate, but he's got an interesting take on why Adam is at fault for the whole forbidden fruit incident.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a patriarchal approach, and the Bible definitely credits the sin to HIM, but the movie basically calls him too lazy to intervene to stop Eve and to lame to man up and commit the sin himself.  So basically he just watches her do it first and then joins in, when he should have instead stopped her, should have instead killed the serpent and eliminated the threat to begin with.  Then there is the whole serpent thing...he's not a serpent, he's a man.  That's fine if you're a Christian and can piece together for yourself, but if you were an unbeliever, it would be profoundly disjointed to have the serpent be a man, and honestly, it was a little weird even as a Christian, 'cause he was a really creepy man (as Satan should be, I suppose, but I digress).  There is an artsy, "this movie was shot at a University", element to the film that cannot be denied.  Part of it is black and white, part in color.  Some is drama, some documentary.  And in the Cain and Able part, there's entirely too little initial narration, and entirely too much fixation on blood.  Lots of blood.  No, murder's never pretty, and that point was very loud and clear.  The message here is that the Dove recommendation of 12+ years is well deserved.  I could go on and on, and give a blow by blow, but I won't.  The bottom line is that I really, really wanted to LOVE this movie.  And there were parts of this movie that I did love.  But my family didn't love it at all.  It's 65 minutes long, and many of those minutes feel awfully depressed.  If you hang in there, the story does wrap up beautifully.  It all comes full circle, and if you can get past the "trees" the forest is actually quite lovely.  In our house we use things that don't quite line up with our understanding of God's word as talking points for what we believe and why.  I think there is enough positive in UNSTOPPABLE to outweigh the negative, but I wish I could endorse it more fully.

Here's the official trailer to help you decide for yourself:

UNSTOPPABLE is now available on DVD for a suggested retail of $14.99.  It also has all the usual media connections:  UNSTOPPABLE on Facebook,  UNSTOPPABLE on Twitter, and UNSTOPPABLE's official website. 

And one reader can win a copy of UNSTOPPABLE of their very own by entering the Rafflecopter below.  Please note that Fly By Promotions has changed their giveaway rules a bit, and if you win this movie on someone else's blog, you will not be eligible to win it here, and I will have to choose a different winner.  This giveaway is open to residents of the US and Canada only.

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Wendy Rozema said...

No, I wasn't able to see this movie when it was in theaters.

Doreen said...

I was bummed that I was not able to see the movie when it was in the theater. :(

Karen said...

No I didn't see it when it was in theaters.

Heidi said...

I wasn't able to see it, but it looks interesting!

Gina said...

Would love to see it, haven't yet.

Joesette said...

No I didn't get to see it at the theatre. Would love to win this!

momma24 said...

I didn't get to see it but wanted to.

momma24 said...

I didn't get to see it but wanted to.

R. Oliver said...

No, I didn't get the chance to see UNSTOPPABLE in theaters. I don't believe it was even showing in my area.


June Lisle said...

I haven't gone to see a movie in a long time. But I am looking forward to watching this at home.