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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Three Things Thursday

It's Thursday, and that means it's time for three more random things about me...and this week it really, truly random, LOL.

1)  Apparently I have a thing for birds.  I find myself photographing them all the time.  I don't want to be an ornithologist, or follow their migratory patterns or anything, I just love photographing birds, and hearing them sing every morning, and watching them frolic about.  I thought one of the hardest things about leaving our FL house behind would be not hearing the birds singing each morning, but we have tons of birds around our new yard too.  We bought the kids NC bird field guides, and even offered them money to spot birds and find them in the guide, which has worked out brilliantly for the youngest at least ;-).  Here's one from today.

2)  I LOVE snow.  Totally, completely LOVE snow.  It's magical- when you live in a state that only gets a little bit of it.  I grew up in Buffalo, and trust me, I have no desire to live there again, because I would probably HATE snow very quickly if I did, but I LOVE it when I only have to deal with it in small doses and it's novel.

3)  I HATE stairs- at least the stairs in this house.  My kids and I have ALL fallen down them.  They are treacherous. For the first few weeks we slept with our bedroom door and one eye open (our room is right at the top of the stairs).  We quickly bought a nightlight for the hall, but last night when the power went out I again found it hard to sleep worrying that one child might plummet to their death, or at least to harm.   Well, everyone was fine last night, but TONIGHT Mimi fell down them again.  There is NOTHING worse than hearing someone falling down the stairs and knowing you can't stop it or help them, and you just have to pray that they land at the bottom with nothing worse than a few bruises.  She's okay by the way, but she will be very sore in the morning.
I don't know why they are so bad, except that they are not deep enough for my whole foot to step on, and the third step from the top is even shallower.  Clearly, others had problems before us, because the middle support for the handrail is loose and slightly pulled out.  My husband's only uncle died after falling down the stairs, so I guess maybe that is why I freak out every time I hear someone take a tumble on them.

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Tiffany said...

I love that you're blogging so much more, so I can keep up with your life now that you've moved. I have noticed your love for photographing birds. I especially loved the cardinal pic that you posted on FB. You should watch the movie, The Big Year. It's great and your kids can watch it too (at least I think they can...look up reviews in case I'm wrong). Our kids watched it but we don't have one as young as you. And, be careful on the stairs!! You would hate the staircase in my parent's house--it is hardwood and steep and only the second half has a handle. I walk down them like an old lady taking one step at a time like--one foot, two foot (on same step), all the way down. I have never fallen down them though.

Heidi Strawser said...

I used to be kind of scared of birds, but when Gracie was little she was VERY interested in birds; and, because of that, I developed an interest in and appreciation of them also. Now, I love spotting new ones.

I hate snow! I'd like to live where it's more of a novelty than a norm.

I'm always scared of one of us falling down our stairs too, though nobody ever has. I've taken a few tumbled down our outside steps though (which are cement and quite dangerous). Be careful!

Julie said...

Yikes about the stairs!!

Melissa said...

New house rule....all persons coming down the stairs must bump down on their bottoms! :)

clubbfarm said...

I love birds too! We have a couple of feeders and the kids made bird houses with my hubby when they were younger. They still like to see birds come and go in the houses they made! I loved the snow too, until this winter. We have had so much snow that we are close to hitting a new all time record high! I have no problem going up stairs, however when it comes to going down I have to take the every man for them selves approach and I go last. I hate them when coming down as well as escalators going down.