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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Three Things Thursday

It's time for Three Things Thursday, where I share 3 totally random things about me.

1) I shared before that I was born in Buffalo, but we moved when I was 9 to Memphis, TN.  That was total culture shock.  I went from a world where saying "yes, ma'am" would have been considered snarky and sarcastic and totally disrespectful to a world where NOT saying "yes, ma'am" was considered a capital offense.  It also took me forever to get used to people saying "far" instead of fire, and I frequently had no idea if someone was asking for a "pin" or a "pen".  But I came to love the south, and for the longest time, even after moving away from there, I considered Memphis (okay, Germantown really) my home.

2)  Memphis has the best barbecue, and in May they host Memphis in May- a whole month devoted to the celebration of another country and the celebration of barbecue.  One year, thanks to connections of a friend's family, I got to attend the actual BBQ cookoff and try the winning BBQ.  Very yummy.

3)  I loved that Memphis was on the Mississippi.  The river was the site of all the city gatherings.  The fireworks were viewed from the banks of the Mississippi and launched from a barge on the river.  Memphis in May events take place there.  Paddlewheel boats abound still on the river, and Mud Island, a sandbar turned tourist attraction was an amazing venue for outdoor concerts.

I haven't been back to Memphis in over 2 decades, but I hope some day to take my family and visit all the wonderful locales Memphis has to offer.

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Heidi Strawser said...

We've seen a lot about Memphis and their BBQ on food network shows (that we watched on Netflix). I'll have to get there sometime and try it out!

Julie said...

You're making want to go to Memphis. For some reason the whole time I read this post the background was the orange back-background design and it was very hard to read. As soon as I finished, the while background was back.