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Thursday, November 12, 2015

30 Days of Thankfulness- Day 12

I'm thankful for our co-op.  Joining a co-op was a big deal for us.  I tend to be a rogue.  I like to set my own schedule.  A co-op means I'm on someone else's schedule.  But after a year of being in this co-op, it's truly become "our people."  It's HUGE...500 people from 100 families, but God centered, and accommodates all ages from babies to seniors with Bibles studies for moms.  Tonight, we had our family night, and I loved the opportunity to share the hard work my students put into their portrait projects for the Portraiture class I co-taught.  Their work looked amazing.  I'm so proud of my middle-schoolers.

Other groups gave presentations, and I had a great time sitting next to my friend Beth.  I thought her daughters were going to have to separate us, LOL.  I'm so thankful God led us to this co-op and our new friends.
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