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Monday, November 9, 2015

30 Days of Thankfulness- Day 9

I have some really awesome teens.  I'm thankful for the young adults they are becoming.  I find daily that I truly enjoy their company more and more.  We laugh and laugh together.  We watch nerdy TV shows.  We play games.  I'm blessed to watch them as they mature and figure out God's calling on their life.  Another mom at church told me how awesome TJ is to work with in the preschool class and how much the kids love him.  In addition to working with the toddlers at church, Mimi is volunteering with her friend to watch kids whose parents attend an ESL class, which lets her practice her Japanese as well.  They are thrilled to have her help.

Today, TJ held the door for a woman in the rain, and she was really, visibly impressed and thanked him heartily. I love that.  I'm thankful that they are so enjoyable and stable given the high level of crazy they live with on a daily basis.  God has truly blessed me, and I am thankful.
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