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Monday, November 9, 2015

Faith of Our Fathers {A FlyBy Review}

Pure Flix Entertainment, the company behind God's Not Dead, Do Your Believe, and Woodlawn, have a new movie on out DVD just in time for Veteran's Day.  Faith of Our Fathers premiered in theaters this past July, and stars Stephen Baldwin, Si Robertson, Candace Cameron Bure, and Rebecca St. James.  I got the chance to watch it last night.

About the movie:John Paul and Wayne are two young men in search of their fathers.  Problem is...their fathers have been dead for 25 years.  Eddie and Steven are two young men in search of their sons...whom they've never met.  In 1969, Eddie and Steven are with their squad deep in the jungle of Vietnam on a five-day mission to retrieve fallen comrades.  They write letters to their wives, often mentioning their love for their sons, one, who is an infant and one yet to be born.  In 1994, John Paul and Wayne go on a five day road trip to the Vietnam Wall in Washington DC to see their fathers' names.  Along the way, reading those letters, they begin to get an understanding of who their fathers were and how they died.  Trials and mishaps, both funny and sad, complicate the road trip for the boys.  The horrors of war and the testing of faith manifest themselves for the young men in Vietnam.  Ultimately, in parallel stories - 25 years apart - the fathers and sons are bound together forever.  

OBM says:  I was especially drawn to this film because my father served in Vietnam.  While he did come home alive, he definitely was changed by his experiences over there.  I was intrigued by this story of two men who were seeking to understand their fathers and their experiences in the war.  While some parts of the story are a bit of a stretch to believe,  (that could probably be said of almost every movie, if the truth be told), it was just as described-both funny and sad.  I enjoyed watching Faith of our Fathers, and I will likely allow my children to watch it with me next time.  It does carry a PG-13 rating for brief war violence.

You can visit Faith of Our Fathers on Facebook or Twitter.  U.S. and Canada residents can enter below to win a copy of Faith of Our Fathers for yourself!.

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Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

My husband is a veteran as are several family members.