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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Am I the ONLY one?

I was at a local Christian family venue for a meeting tonight. I was at the same place last week to review a potential meeting area. This venue offers a place where kids can skateboard, BMX, mini-golf, box, weight train, or play other games indoors and in a "safe" environment. The problem is, while I was there last week, I heard in the lyrics of the music blaring through the skatepark area, "shake your a**". Tonight while we were there, they played "We will rock you" among other worldly songs. I guess my question is, since when am I one of the more conservative Christians, and why does no one else there think that is WRONG? Additionally, the kids were playing a video game on a large screen TV, and the female skateboard character was wearing a bikini top with Daisy Duke shorts, and she gyrated her bottom every time she completed a run. Again, does no one else think that's wrong to find in a Christian environment?

I am fairly liberal. A Democrat to the core. But those things offend my sensibilities. I wouldn't let my kids listen to/play things like that at home, and I certainly am not going to pay an admission fee to have them exposed to them in public. I actually said something to one of the guys there tonight who is pastor of a church that meets there. I'd love to see this venue succeed, but until they stop selling out to worldly values, I won't be spending my money there.

I am blessed because I have become enough of a prude that I actually recognize the above things as wrong. There was a time when I too would have allowed them to go unnoticed. And I'm very blessed to belong to, and be on the board for UIP. It's hard when board members of a non-profit have to disagree, and very easy for the passionate to overrun the others and get irritated with the not-so-passionate. I was very afraid that might happen tonight, and I almost went in there ready to step down. I just didn't have a peace about the direction some people wanted to go, and I wasn't alone. In the end though, God prevailed (imagine that!). We were all able to express our concerns, and speak openly, even in disagreement with each other, but leave there as friends because we were called to remember that we are ALL created in God's image, and we need to love the other people even if we don't agree with them. Now if the whole world could just work that way...
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