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Saturday, July 21, 2007

One person's mortification is another's affirmation of a job done well

I spent all last night and this morning hoping that my mom never reads this blog, or if she does, that she will know what I say is in LOVE and not the result of some deep seated, unreleased anger from my childhood. It made me question the wisdom of putting out into cyberspace intimate thoughts about family members, and the responsibilities a blog can bring. Which then lead me to wonder how I would feel if one of my kids someday posted about me. Would I feel as mortified as I'm sure my mother would? And that train of thought lead me to realize I would actually just dance and shout for joy if my kids dissed me in cyberspace. WHY, you ask? Because it would mean that they can indeed write more than just their name. It would be positive affirmation that I have NOT screwed my kids up for life by homeschooling them in an attempt to keep society from screwing them up for life (I know there's a great deal of irony there, LOL). Okay, that might be reading an awful lot of accomplishment into one post, but it would hopefully show that they can communicate far more via the written word than their current chicken scratch would indicate. To me, that would be a job well done :-).
I am blessed though, because some people have children who will never be able to write their own names, chicken scratch or no. I'm blessed that today we will celebrate my oldest son Scott's birthday (even if it is almost one month late) with a first ever all boy party and a first ever venue party (mini-golf). And I'm blessed that I live in a country, and a state, that allows me the ability to homeschool my child in the hopes that God won't let me do them more harm than good in the long run.
Here's your thought for the day..."Those that love you don't care (about whatever you get hung up on, from your messy house to your shabby car, to the extra 10 pounds you really want to lose, but never seem to get to), and those that don't don't matter."
until tomorrow,
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1 comment:

Tiffany said...

I love your blog! This cracked me up and can totally relate. So what if they are dissing me, they wrote it themselves!!Keep writing, I knew you would be good at this!