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Monday, July 23, 2007

Heavenly questions

I have to confess that when I get to heaven, I have a fairly lengthy list of things to ask God about. Things like "What really happened to the dinosaurs?" and "explain the 60's to me?" (okay, not really that one, but you get the idea). But it's safe to say the question that tops the list at the moment is, "So why exactly do women start growing facial whiskers in their 30's?????" I mean, there has to be a reason, but darned if I can figure it out. I have this one hair that grows by the side of my mouth that I just can NOT get rid of. I pluck and pluck, and it just grows back a day later. I even got the root last time, but 24 hours pass, and boom, there it is again. The worst part is, NO pair of tweezers will touch it until it is about 4-5 days of growth old, and by that time, I might as well have a sign that says, "Yep, that's a lady-whisker you see...I'm just hoping 2 more grow in so I can braid them." Anyway, it seems like all I do is rub my finger over it from the moment I pluck it until the moment I pluck it the next time, constantly trying to gauge whether it's long enough I can remove it. Having a whisker to deal with would be fine if that were the only one, but it's invited all its friends too, so now I also have one that grows out of the end of my nose and one that grows on the bottom of my chin. Since it appears they are going to be permanent fixtures for as long as God lets me walk this earth, it seems like I should probably name them or something, but for now, it's an all out battle just to keep them plucked before anyone else notices them. I'll name them once my eyesight fades and my hands get too shaky to pluck them without doing serious bodily harm. Or maybe by then I'll either forget they exist, or the wrinkles will be so deep they will envelope them anyway, LOL.
I remember as a child making fun of my mom for things like gray hair and flabby arms, and her response was always, "You just wait." Sadly, I didn't have to wait long. Now the waiting game comes in seeing how long it takes before my kids notice these things on me. At least I already have my mother's witty come-back ready :-). It may not be the funniest thing, but like death and taxes, it's totally true and totally inevitable.
But I'm blessed that I have hair growing anywhere, there are some out there who don't. More importantly, I'm also blessed that I know my Savior, and I know heaven is a when, not an "if" for me. And I can also hope that my glorified body will be whisker free!
until tomorrow,
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