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Thursday, July 26, 2007

I can't imagine dreading anything more...

Tomorrow we will leave for my husband's 20th HS reunion. I am TOTALLY dreading it! There is a family picnic on Saturday, and a semi-formal couples dinner Sat. night. I guess I'll spend tomorrow trying to find just the right clothes for the munchkins to wear, and trying to find something semi-formal for me in my "I've been a mom for 10 years and 5 dress sizes, but the fanciest thing I ever wear is a skirt for church" wardrobe. I don't even think I own pantyhose anymore. YIKES! Guess I have some shopping to do.
I am horribly inept at meeting people and making small talk, so I'd really rather have my wisdom teeth removed again than go to this thing, but anything for my husband...
I'm blessed though to have a husband at all, and to have the chance to glimpse these moments from his life before we met. And, I'm blessed that it's midnight, and I finished the book that must not be named just 15 minutes ago. It was great, a perfect ending, and very affirming to my anti-HP friends that there is clearly good and evil, and the right side prevails, but all that is a topic for another blog entirely, especially on that isn't being typed at midnight, LOL.
until Sunday, probably,
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