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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Failure to blog

ARGH! I already failed at blogging every day, and I just started :-).
To my defense, I was busy reading a certain book-that-must-not-be-named, because in some of my circles it causes quite a controversy.
Last night, my husband and I went on a date to the movies in the first time since...well I can't even remember. We saw a certain movie-that-must-not-be-named. After paying $17 for the MOVIE, another $15 in food (we didn't eat dinner first so popcorn, a hotdog, a coke, and snow caps were our dinner), I can't imagine a) doing that with any sort of regularity, or b) doing it at all if we were also having to pay a babysitter. Instead, we swapped services with my sister. She and my bil went earlier while I watched bam-bam for them, and they watched our 4 while we went last night.
I want to be TOTALLY clear that I LOVE my nephew. He's the best thing since sliced bread (besides my own kids). BUT, to call him bam-bam is really no exaggeration. He has energy power companies only wish they could bottle. What a cutie though, with brown gently curly hair, bright blue eyes, and dimples that you just want to pinch, they are so cute.
As an added bonus, we ran into my husband's old roommate, who is our oldest's Godfather. We haven't seen him in ages, and it was great to talk to him, even if we only had a few minutes.
I'm blessed to have family that lives close by, especially to have a nephew that is only 3 months older than Sari, so they are best buds. The two of them together just make you smile.
until tonight,
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