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Wednesday, November 7, 2007


So much meaty stuff to blog...but time for only the fluff.

I managed to make it through yesterday doing all our normal activities PLUS take baby R with us. We left the house at 8:45 and got back home at 3:45. She's a great trooper.
We had a few significant "firsts" yesterday...
TJ took his first art class with Miss Heather. He's still young, but he does his art work at home so purposefully that I wanted him to have the chance to get a little instruction. We are committed for this month, and we will see from there...He did really enjoy it though. Here's his turtle that he drew at class. The bottom is a little lopped off in the photo to cover his signature.
The other big first happened, and I had NOTHING to do with it. Sari has been telling me, and anyone would would listen for the past year every time she has had to go pee (and now she tells even sometimes gives us a head's up about the other option). Well, I am, since it seems this is true confessions week in our circle of blog friends, way to LAZY to deal with a potty "trained" 1 1/2 year old (which is when she started telling us about needing to go pee) and not so thrilled at the prospect even still. I have no rush to get her out of diapers. I think, until they are really old enough to recognize when they need to go and are able to go on command even when they don't "need" to for those times when you are out and the bathrooms will be scarce or scary, that all you really do is train yourself to have to ask them every 30 minutes if they have to "go potty" and train yourself to carry extra clothing/things to clean messes with etc. until they are really old enough to do it on their own. I'd rather just wait until they can do it on their own and be done. It's worked for my older 3, and I was planning on it working for Precept she told her teacher she needed to go "pee" and so the teacher took her in, put her on the potty, and voila! pee! Great! I say with mixed emotions. I'm totally happy for Sari and thankful for the teacher for being so kind. And I won't DIScourage it at all, but I just haven't ENcouraged it so far. So this morning I let her sit on the potty which produced nothing but a cute photo session, but that's good enough for me.
Funny Huh? She's wearing her favorite Sein-Sein PJ's. The second face is her..."my poopy not come" face.
More to blog, but life to live also, so I have to run. The kids and I are off to Seaworld today, and given the UIP has a concert tonight, I should be just about dead by 9 PM, LOL.
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Tiffany said...

TJ did a great job on his picture! Ms. Heather said she was so impressed, he was completely absorbed in his work.

Michelle said...

lovely picture by T!
Cute Sari...she sure looks ready :o)