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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Ren Faire highlights cont.

Here is a picture from the pirate show. They choose people from the audience to help with the story, and in this show, they chose a lady who goes to our church. So here is B's big moment on stage...
The library had a "decorate a cookie with a renaissance symbol" craft going on. I'd show you a picture, but the cookies were consumed fairly quickly after being crafted, LOL. Another educational group sponsors brass rubbings though, and here is Mimi doing hers.

And from the "I've got to get myself one of these" category comes...the stockade. My kids LOVED it, and I got to thinking...I could LOVE it too...especially if I had my own personal stockade for at home use, LOL.

It got me to thinking how much we have changed as a society and a nation though, that once public humiliation was an acceptable form of discipline, and now nothing is. I'm not sure stockades were Biblically inspired, but I am confident that today's laissez-faire, "I want to be my kid's best friend" attitudes are not Biblically inspired either. Humiliation is not the key to winning someone's heart, but neither is turning a blind eye to sin.
Sadly, a man selling pendants at the faire was recounting to me how someone from a private Christian school stole one of his pendants (they are unique and custom done, and he had made very few sales that morning, so he KNEW no one had bought it ). Anyway, the kid who stole it actually came back to the booth WEARING it!!! The man confronted him, and the kid lied, but then got caught in the lie and gave it back, but so sad that it happened at all. Where were the adults who were meant to be chaperoning these kids? Where are the parents who obviously never taught them stealing is wrong? I think it is especially sad as the man and his family struck me as non-believers (due to the nature of most of what he was selling) and here is this "Christian" stealing from him. So frustrating...
I'm off to bed to enjoy my "extra" hour, but I wanted to say I am blessed with the fact that UIP's concerts start tomorrow night. I can't wait to see how God will work through them. And I'm blessed that TJ had his last soccer game this morning and I got to see most of it. He has really enjoyed it.

And finally, I'm blessed that Sari has fallen asleep at my feet and it isn't even 11 PM...that's amazing!

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