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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sea World

Sea World Family photo op

Again, I am all behind in what I wanted to blog about. There's a variety of reasons, like my office being FREEZING in cool weather, but it leaves me with so much to say...
Last Wednesday the kids and I went to Sea World. I actually kept them out of P.E. for this entire month so that we would be free to do things like Sea World. (tonight while she was praying, Mimi said, "Dear God, help my mom know how much we want to do P.E." Sad huh?) We had a very relaxing stress to see any particular thing (except our favorite Blue Horizons show, which was PACKED, so we sat in the nose-bleed section).

We spent quite a bit of time petting sting rays.

Mimi, still with money burning a whole in her pocket, got to fulfill a dream...they have this pearl diving place there where they have "divers" bring a handful of oysters up to the surface and for the paltry sum of $15, you can chose one (each one GUARANTEED to have a pearl) and get yourself your very own pearl. All my kids have wanted to do this since Sea World built this area a few years ago. Well this time, Mimi spent her own money and did it. Now she has her very own pearl, and she couldn't be happier. Except we didn't have the money to buy any setting for it, so it's just in a little baggie, but if we can get it drilled through, we can string it on something.
Mimi and the diver who brought up her oyster

Sari had another 1st...she actually touched "Shamu" and had her picture taken with him.

Oh, and she got lost...yep, I lost my daughter. We went to Shamu's happy harbor, the kid's play area, and I was giving the other 3 instructions on where to meet and when (we go there often enough that they are very comfortable there and it's easier to give them a meeting place than to try to keep up with all of them-I still visually keep an eye on them every few minutes). I got done with the instructions, they took off, and suddenly, no Sari left behind!
Somehow in the 2 minutes I was telling them what to do, she had slinked away.
On to a ride.
That the attendant put her on without an adult present.
To his credit, he was standing by her side looking for me, and with her on the carousel she was actually at eye level and I spotted her quickly, but wow! what a moment of panic. Luckily I knew that was where she wanted to go, so it was my first place to look anyway. She of course was nonplussed.
Lost? Who? ME? Never!
Cutie Patootie!

Oh, and after 5 years of having passes, I finally caved and let the boys play with those "insert token for the pleasure of driving an RC boat for 3 minutes". They had a blast, and since they were bummed about Mimi getting a pearl, it seemed like the least I could do.

The boys rode Wild Arctic by themselves, which is good because it will be rehab-ed this week so will be closed for a while. After much confusion on the part of the Sea World workers (me: I want my boys to ride, but not me or the girls. Them: She's to little to ride. Me: Yes, I know...just the boys want to ride. Them: Okay, so you want to do a child swap? Me: No one to "swap" with...I just want to put them on the ride and wait at the exit. Etc. Etc.) They finally got it...we go through this every time so it is nothing new...and the boys had a blast. For the record, Mimi could have rode, but isn't brave enough to do it without mommy, who even if I didn't have Sari to worry about, would not ride Wild Arctic for all the pearls in the sea.

All in all, it was a great day, and I got home with 2 hours to spare before my concert for UIP, so it all worked out. I hope to take the kids again this month as the passes expire in December and I have no idea if we will make it back there with all the holiday stuff to do.
Until tomorrow,

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