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Monday, November 26, 2007

Small successes

So we blew off school entirely today (except Scott practicing piano) and cleaned the girls' room. Yes, it took the ENTIRE day. I should have taken a "before" photo. Mimi gets so overwhelmed, she just decides she wants to get rid of all her toys. Today, she even made a "yard sale" sign to get rid of her toys because she asked me Friday after my marathon shopping day if I had bought her any toys and I said "no" because she couldn't keep the ones she had picked up. She told me this morning that she might as well get rid of all her toys if she wasn't getting any more for Christmas. So we gutted her room. I did box up all her barbies-she never plays with them anyway-and put them aside for Sari to grow into. Sari LOVES babies, so she may actually play with barbies someday, but if not, we can give them away then. We also gutted most of the Polly Pockets and some poorly flocked horses, etc. and found a home for all the things we are keeping. We do this about every three months though, so we will see if this sticks. I gave in and realized that Sari needed a place to keep all her baby dolls accessible but easy to put away, and so I gave up a nice new laundry basket for the job. I hope it will work well. Kiwi-this FINALLY means we can reciprocate, if M is up to it!

Also, between last night and this morning, I got the entire parameter of my quilt "quilted". Okay, it's just 4 straight lines, but as the quilt is 72" square, it a quite a feat. I also quilted around one square. I am excited that I finally made real progress, and hope to do more tonight.

I have kept reasonably on top of the dishes lately, and only have two pots staring at me right now, but they have to wait until the washing machine is done because of our water pressure issues. I did though do the FLYLady challenge today and 27 fling boogie my desk and tossed/shredded 27 pieces of paper...that felt good!

Finally, Sari was praying tonight when I tucked her in (rest assured she will not actually go to bed now, but it's a nice thought), and she said, "God is great, God is great...Wait, mommy, I have to pray for baby Reggie, okay?" Then again with, "God is great, God is great, AMEN."

He is great, isn't He? So great that I was about to "diss" a friend (in a loving way) about her decision not to blog until after the holidays when my eyes fell on a note card I had just uncovered during my paper flinging. It read, "Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need at the moment so that it will give grace to those who hear. Ephesians 4:29" I need to tattoo that verse across my subconscious! That's why it was on a note was meant to be hanging in front of my computer screen, but had fallen. It's back there now! And so, in the spirit of the Truth of scripture, good for you Aunt Fanny. I will miss your running commentary, but I know your family will cherish the time.

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Leisa said...

I am copying that verse and putting it on my computer and kitchen and tatooing it to my butt, (Well I can't see my butt so maybe, not) I needed that verse for my inlaw fiasco over Thanksgiving. I think I almost bit my tongue in two, I am sure they saw the blood trickling out...Since they read my blog I have to wait and share in person. I am glad you are organizing, I love having a organized home. Mine is upside down right now, and needs some attention

Randi said...

Sounds like you had a great day. It feels so good when it is done.

My next project is our papers. They are in many messy boxes and we can't find anything.