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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Rant and rave

Let's start with the raving first :-). Here's my husband loving on our youngest. Is there anything better than the love of a father for his children?

And then here's my youngest loving on her sister. How the two of them reclined comfortably in this cheap-o folding chair is beyond me, but they were there for several minutes.

And the rant? My husband told me he spoke to his mother. She wants me to make the mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner at her house. And, since she has the whole meal planned out according to some menu she got from somewhere (probably Bon Appetite or Gourmet), she will be providing me with the RECIPE to follow when making said mashed potatoes.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? is my gut reaction. You have the audacity to tell me what I am bringing, and then you are going to tell me how to make it too?

Not very nice, huh (my reaction, not her request)? Why is it so hard for me to just be good with her request? Why do I "kick against the goads" so much when it come to all things related to my m-i-l? But actually it is just a mental "kicking". In the end, I will do exactly what she wants because it will make her happy and preserve the peace, and it is not harmful for me to do it. And it's probably what Jesus would do...or at least what He would encourage any lady of the Bible to do, since I doubt He ever made mashed potatoes. He did turn water into wine for ill-prepared wedding throwers though. And He also fed the masses with loaves and fishes after spending all day teaching them. So the least I can do is make some mashed potatoes (even using some yet-to-be-produced recipe) because in the end it is about loving my husband (and by default his family), with whom I have a covenant vow of one-ness. with an agape, self-sacrificing love. I'm blessed I have a husband, many women don't. While we don't always bring out the best in each other, he does, just by his existence, drive me to be better...a better housekeeper, mother, and help-meet just to name a few things. God uses him, and our covenant of marriage to work on ME and that is priceless even if it is sometimes hard to swallow.
until tomorrow,
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Clunn Family said...

Grrr! You are too good! I would have just made my mashed potatoes and not said a word. She probably wouldn't have noticed but then again, I know I would have kicked against the goads in terms of her request so there you the cross again!
P.S. I see you STOLE my Rant and Rave. Go with blessing. Lol

Michelle said...

That is a Maybe she would like to provide the perfect potatoes too? Lol Look at it this way, you don't have to knock youself out trying to figure out what to bring or worrying that it will be wrong. You are free to just follow the recipe and let it be what it will be.
You are good to keep the peace with your husband's family. I struggle with that sometimes myself.

Leisa said...

I'm with Steph, I would probably go and get the box of potato flakes and take that. So move over Steph to make room at the cross...Umm I take it that dear MIL does not read your blog?


Clunn Family said...

Or better yet, sprinkle the mashed potatoes with M&M's and present them! Ta daaaa! These are my "We are the World" mashed potatoes! Enjoy!
Boy, would I have fun at her house.

5Gustos said...

Another true confession here: I have been known to outwardly comply with hubby's family, while secretly battling hurt or unsettled feelings, just to keep the peace. I always want to be more forgiving and accepting, but it's hard! Doesn't the apostle Paul say that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak? This year, however, I am confronted with the knowledge that my MIL is quite ill, and for the first time in our 13 yrs. of marriage, we are not having Thanksgiving dinner at MIL's house. It's unheard of for our family to have TG dinner anywhere else! This kind of puts things in perspective for me a little bit. Say, maybe we can have her "fancy pants" mashed potatoes recipe? Maybe it's really something to drool over?! :-)