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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So behind, I'm still on October

So I never posted our Halloween pics. I know the "H" holiday is sort-of taboo in some Christian circles, and trust me I can debate the issue from both sides, but it comes down to the fact that God has not placed in me or more importantly, my husband, a strong conviction that our family should not trick-or-treat. His plan for everyone is different, and maybe He has given you that conviction, but for us, the going-door-to-door thing is a favorite event, especially since it is always shared with friends.

This year was especially nice as we got to go out with Marie and her family, who are finally recovering from her husband's life threatening illness, and with P and her family who now live in NC. It was also special since all of my kids wore homemade costumes...just not made in MY home, LOL. Scott's was made by a friend for her son in a school play, but is wonderful, if a little long torso'd for Scott. TJ's was made by a friend for Scott a few years ago, but he was happy to become a second-hand musketeer. Mimi and Sari both wore costumes made many years ago by my mom, and worn by my sister and I. My bother also wore the clown...but thankfully not the pilgrim dress. Mimi chose to call herself, "Little Red's grandmother" as we had recently seen Into the Woods, Jr. Her friend little Marie was Little Red Riding Hood, as was Mimi's Webkinz dog that she carried in a basket with her. It was an elaborate story, at least in her head, and she shared it with anyone who would listen :-).

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Randi said...

They are so cute! I love s's smile. You truly are blessed!