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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Art Class

My kids have, hands down, the best art teacher. She is so good at coaxing amazing work out of them. Yesterday, because of TJ's burned fingers, Scott took the class instead. Here's the work of my 10 year old, on his first day of art class, whose artistic talent is usually limited to stick figures. He's so thrilled. He LOVED the class, and is, I think, amazed that he was able to produce something like this:

Mimi (8) has been taking for longer than either boy, so she is on to copying real photographs (usually from old calendars). Here's her latest work:

TJ (6) LOVES class, and while he's very intentional, he also works quickly, usually completing at least one piece per class. Here area two of his recent works (excuse the "x's", but he wanted his name on the rocket):

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Elizabeth said...

Thought I posted about these pictures... Strange... They're really great!!

I tagged you on my blog--go check it out!

Randi said...

I think they all did a great job!